If you have a Powerschool Parent account:

Once you have logged in, you can access the "Contact Manager" which will allow you to set your alerts.

To access the "Contacts Manager":

1) Sign into Powerschool at http://powerschool.plymouth.k12.ct.us

2) Click the "Applications" icon in the upper right of the home page.(image below)


3) Choose "Contact Manager"


4) The first screen will list recent messages that have been sent by the district or schools.

You will want to click the "Contacts" tab.


5) Click the edit icon (Pencil)


6) The next screen will allow you to enter phone numbers and email addresses for the different types of messages that are available (such as school closures ("General"))

You will notice a "Text (Mobile)" section. This is where you can enter your mobile numbers to receive texts if they are included in the original message.


*** When checked, the "Save to All Contacts" box will apply changes to all of your children's records, which could save a little time.

7) When done, click the "Save" button in the lower left of the screen.

Please contact us if you have any questions, or have trouble accessing your Powerschool account.

Thank you,