• Charge your Chromebook each day after school
  • Come to school with your Chromebook charged and ready to go
  • Carry your Chromebook in the provided sleeve/case
  • Enjoy using your Chromebook!



  • Shove the Chromebook in your backpack
  • Carry the Chromebook without placing it in it's sleeve
  • Eat/Drink near the Chromebook
  • Leave your Chromebook out in the open
  • Leave your Chromebook on the edge of a desk/table
  • Stack anything on the Chromebook
  • Remove any labels on the Chromebook
  • Remove any screws
  • Put ANY stickers/labels on the Chromebook
    (ex. No tape, band-aids, anything with adhesive)


Chromebook Cases

  • Do not store food in case
  • Do not store ANY liquids in case
    (i.e. Soda, water bottle, lotion, hand sanitizer, etc.)
  • Do not write on or embroider case